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City Clean Workers Safety Tracking System


There are a lot of sanitation workers working in the cities in all over the world. They are doing sanitation job on the streets on schedule in different group.
1. The management team will need to know the arrangement and the real time location to make sure what they do can cover the whole city.

2. The management team also like to monitor their health during they are working. We will need to have a way to collect the body status by some wearable devices.

3. The sanitation workers may have some emergency or accident when they are working, they will need to have a SOS system.
4. The sanitation workers can talk to each other by making phone call. they also need to have alarm clock when they are working.

The main goal is enhance the management, and implement SOS system for the sanitation workers.


We provide the GPS tracking device PT88 for the sanitation workers management. It is a GPS wearable devices with heart rate monitoring sensor. Its GPS chipset allow the management team to view all the sanitation on one Google Map, the accuracy will be 1-10 meters. If they press the SOS button when they are in emergency, The management team also can see that SOS information show up on the big monitoring screen. They management team also can monitoring the sanitation workers’ heart rate remotely.

They sanitation workers can use this watch to make phone call, It also can set multiple alarm clock. The time on the watch will be sync by the satellite. It is a IP67 waterproof watch, it will not have problem even if the sanitation worker are working under the rain. The sanitation can press the SOS button when they have some emergency, so that the policeman of doctors can come to help them and navigate to them by the real-time location.

Real-time Location

Real-time location by GPS, management team can view the target's locations by using Google Map

Phone Call

Phone call features for 2 ways communications, it can make phone call by just one touch

Alarm Clock

Set the alarm clock by server or mobile app for the important notification

Panic/SOS Button

SOS Button/Panic Button for emergency by just one touch, it is easy.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring sensor for people health

IP67 Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof, it can work under the rain even if take a shower


The SOS GPS watch is not just using on the sanitation workers safety protection, but also can use for Elder SOS System, Kid safety, and many other industries. It is easy to integrate to different system by using our Open API, feel free to contact us.