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How mobile apps have revolutionized Taxi Industry?

Taxi industry is finally getting a kick start with innovative technologies. The long term problems of taxi owners and drivers are solving by the development of new technology. With the introduction of Application, the new innovation is changing the view of Taxi businesses and customers.

From social apps to fitness and travel app, mobile apps have become a birthplace for many fastest growing brands or products. App based taxi business has become one of the most used and widely recognized business. With this unique approach to the market, app-based businesses are setting a remarkable standard.

Taxi mobile apps a game changer


Building a taxi mobile app solution not only improve your business but even enhance rider experience. Whether you are running a small or big-scale taxi Company developing your own taxi app will provide better insight to your business.

A taxi mobile app with vehicle tracking features can be very beneficial for your business. Installing 4G OBD GPS tracker in your vehicle is not enough you must have the complete report and track of your vehicle, and this is only possible with an App or Web platform.

Features which make taxi mobile app a useful add-on for your business:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking (GPS)

GPS tracking device pinpoints the vehicle location and to easily track the location of your vehicle, mobile app platform is very helpful. This platform is helpful for both owner and driver as it can minimize the effort and offer best practices.

  • History Route

The app allows you to get the complete vehicle route on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This helps you to maintain a track of the journey and comes as a handy reference in case of any future disparities which makes business transparent.

  • Driving Behavior

Get the statistics and insights on every trips, overall performance, mileage driven, over speeding, engine idling alert etc. directly on your mobile app.

  • Geo-fencing

To protect your vehicle from vehicle theft or illegal usage you can create a safe zone from your mobile application. Whenever your vehicle enters or exit the predefined area you get an alert notification in your mobile app.

Apart from this, there are several other features that are equally important for your taxi business and can be integrated into your taxi app development to make it more friendly and functional. ThinkRace Technology is the leading GPS Tracker; IoT Solution & Fitness Monitoring Equipment’s Company and can help you to get one such app for your business. We will help you in building a fully featured app that provide you a proper assistant for  taxi business thus bridging the gap between taxi companies and customers. Through our OBD GPS car tracker ODM/OEM/JDM service you can build your own tracking app for your business. Contact us in case of any query.