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Global Luggage Tracking System


Losing luggage can quickly ruin a trip. Even a modestly sized luggage usually carries hundreds of dollars in value. The inconvenience of losing your stuff needs no explanation, but those problems can be worse if you’re traveling abroad. And then there’s the possibility of losing irreplaceable items with sentimental value. Sometimes lost luggage reappears, and sometimes it seems to simply disappear into the ether.


WHaving a GPS tracker can help you find your luggage when it gets lost by helping you track precisely where it’s located. You can use that information to drastically increase recovery time, or even recover bags that would’ve never been found. Anyone who’s lost luggage before can tell you that dealing with airline luggage services isn’t much fun, but having a GPS tracking device puts you in control of the recovery process.

When you’re not flying, a luggage GPS tracking device can be used as ordinary GPS tracking device. You can stick them amongst your other possessions, or use them to help you keep an eye on your family. GPS trackers are small enough to neatly fit inside desktop computers, cars, and similar valuables. While the tracker isn’t protecting you from the panic of never seeing your bags appear at a baggage claim carousel, the tracker can stay useful in other ways.

Real-time Location

Real-time location by GPS, management team can view the target's locations by using Google Map

Long life battery

It is up to 3 month battery life, don't need to charge it again & again.

Global Network Coverage

It works in all over the world no matter where you go, it works.

Aviation Compliance

The size is aviation compliance, it will be turn off when fly.

Mobile app

Support both iOS and Android app, easy to use

IP67 Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof, it can work under the rain even if take a shower

Luggage Tracker

It is not just track your luggage but also it can track some other assets, it is global roaming service, you don’t need to worry about the sim card and the data roaming cost.It will work for more than 5 years. We are open to work with any luggage brand for partnership.