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GPS trackers for kids: Welcome to the novel frontier of digital parenting!

The world we live in, witness every 40 seconds a missing child or abducted one! This frightening statistic is something we can no longer overlook.

Now, the option of a cell phone is more and more convenient and we can see almost every student have one with them. Many parents permit their kids to use cell phone because it is easy to communicate with them, but at the moment, parents also worry they will spend too much time on cell phone because the weak self-control awareness, maybe they chat with friends on class, download games playing whole day and long time using cell phone will damage their eyesight as well.

Advanced high-tech tracking solution

Parents should choose a constructive device for them, the one that supports in knowing the exact location of children any time, easy to communicate when children are in danger. Nowadays, parents are more inclined to use a kid’s locator smart GPS tracker or a child tracker app to have peace of mind when it comes to knowing whereabouts of the kids.

A Plethora of tracking devices

The small and user-friendly tracking devices for kids are premeditated to make you attentive to your child’s location at all times. There are numerous of child GPS tracking bracelets in the market? And many have diverse features and functions to play with. So how to make a choice for the best GPS watch for children?  To help you keep your child safe and sound, recent research stated the most popular child GPS tracker watch models for you. Taking advantage of the novel technology and wearable gadgets will assist you to ensure your children’s security while they grow more independently too.

GPS kids watch maybe your ideal choice. Let’s use GPS smart watch PT91 model to act upon by ThinkRace Technology. The GPS watch factory that entails innumerable amenities like:

What features and functions GPS kids watch support?

  • GPS+LBS+WIFI real-time Positioning
  • SOS Phone call and alert
  • Footprints: record history route
  • Voice monitoring
  • Two-way phone call and voice chat
  • Records of step count amount of exercise, distance and sleep monitor.
  • App available on IOS and Android Platform
  • GEO fence safety area
  • With IP67, the wearable is splash proof

Many different functions are obtainable in GPS tracking wearable device! Let’s see how this watch work.

What do we need?

  1. Micro SIM card: Insert the SIM card and then long press the power button to turn on the device.
  2. Use app & application to track the real-time location.

What can we do with GPS smart kids watch?

  1. Parents click on “Setting “interface to set SOS numbers. In the hour of emergency, a long press of SOS button will inform the assigned family member about the whereabouts of the child.
  2. Communicate with short voice message or make or receive calls
  3. Want to track your kids? Parents can click “Map “to check; also parents can track the kids “footprints” of the past history days.
  4. You can set “GEO Fence” to where your kids hang out after class.
  5. When parents can’t get in touch with kids success, you can use “Monitoring “ to listen the device surrounding sound.

Why only ThinkRace Technology?

  • Hold experience of more than 11 years as a leading GPS tracker, IOT solution & fitness monitoring equipment’s Company.
  • Avail customized GPS tracker technology with Prototype and PCBA designing.
  • Served 500+ world’s top Companies and covering 80+ R&D and operational engineers team
  • Build your own brand of GPS kids watch using our ODM/OEM/JDM services
  • Get technical after-sale support from GPS smart watch manufacturer.

If you are still worried about your kids using cell phone, maybe it’s the best time to choose a GPS kids watch for them.